The C Strap in galvanized steel is available in:
– Minimum length: 1,700 mm.
– Maximum length: 15,000 mm.
– Recommended Length: 10,000 mm.

You can perform 3 types of perforations (transversely – with all the longitudinal repetitions that you want).

The punching available is:
– Round: 14, 16 and 18 mm in diameter.
– Coliso: 14x25mm, 16x25mm and 18x25mm.

* Measurements subject to change without prior notice

Notation used in the table:
– H: Total height of the profile from 150 to 250mm.
– t: Profile thickness from 2 to 3mm.
– G: Position of the center of gravity, G, with respect to the midpoint of the web.
– S: Position of the shear stress center, S, with respect to the midpoint of the blade.



Quality according to UNE-EN 10142

Nominal Elastic Limit (N / mm2) *

* Minimum values

Profile Options

Galvanized steel


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